Umbilical Belt Testimonials

When I found the Umbilical Belt, I was very pleased. Mulit-dog capacity? Definitely. Durable? Yes. (There is no plastic on it.) Comfortable? Very!

It actually feels supportive to my low back (which suffered some fractured vertebrae a year and a half ago.) And it attaches with Velcro so I will no longer be stopping to cinch up my belt

I love my Umbilical Belt!! I have two big dogs with a combined weight of 120 lbs.  That is just under what I weigh and they are very strong! 

When I used to walk them with a leash my arms would ache because of all their pulling.  Using the Umbilical Belt has made our walking and running a much more pleasant experience.  Using the belt I have a lot more control and stability on my feet.

It’s wonderful to have my arms free to get in a good total body workout during our walks and runs. The belt is very comfortable and I can adjust it to fit around my waist or lower on my hips.  I am happy and therefore the dogs are happy too.  I would recommend this belt to anyone.  You and your dogs will love it! 

 ~Maria M.






I love my Umbilical Belt.  I run with it every day, whenever I run.  I’ve run with it for over a year now.  My yellow lab, Mac, is 85 pounds. It’s fabulous.  He heals wonderfully.  It’s nice to have my hands free for running.  It helps me with my running form and reminds me to engage my abs. 

When I’m not running and my husband and I go for a walk, we can hold hands, and drink our coffee and our dog just follows along behind.  It’ sooo nice.  This summer I took Mac camping, and hiked up the trail and my dog just followed behind.  It was wonderful to not have my hands engaged.

It’s a great product.  I recommend to anyone who has a dog.  It’s great for large, or small dogs , doesn’t’ matter with the size.  It’s nice to have your hands free to do other things.


-Susan and Mac

Sumner, WA





I just wanted to touch base with you again.  Prior to surgery in June 2010, I purchased an Umbilical Belt from you.  The belt has been an amazing asset to me and my service dog Mia!  She attends school with me and the Umbilical Belt is the BEST way to keep her tethered to me while keeping my hands free to deal with everything!

I JUST **LOVE** the Belt!
Thanks for your ingenuity and for making this product available.

Again and again,


Hi John,

Just thought I should let you know I received the belt last week. I am absolutely loving it! It is so much easier to take my puppy for a run whilst also pushing my son in the pram. Thanks so much for arranging the postage to Australia.