John Diles is a renowned fitness and sports training expert. He holds NSCA and ACSM certifications.

John has been training people in fitness and sports related activities for over 30 years.

His own training schedule included walking and running with his beloved pet but he found that he has been having problems with his shoulder from his dog pulling on the leash.

Being an avid entrepreneur, John decided that there had to be a better way to get his workout and use both arms to get the maximum exercise benefit

After trying other items already on the market John decided that he could come up with something better. After looking at and trying different things John came up with the Umbilical Belt.

We like to think of our pets as part of our lives so why not make your pet an extension of you. When using the Umbilical Belt it is easier to control your dog. He knows that he can only go so far.

With the  Umbilical Belt it will take only a few times  and you will have total control when you go for a walk or run, no more pulling and jerking.