Poop Bag Holder
Picking up poop is no joke, so when your dog does his “business” you might as well “doo” it in style. The Poop Bag Holder is disguised as a modern accessory. Loop it on a bag, belt or leash.

You can also use this bag to hold your keys, phone, empty waste bags or dog treats while you are on a walk.

Only $18.00


Reflective Leash

Walking with a Reflective Dog Leash is an Important Addition to your nighttime safety. The leash reflects headlights and shines under lights to show drivers and pedestrians that you and your dog are there.

Only $15.00

Regular Leash With Handle

 This is a traditional handle leash. Extremely strong.

Only $7.00


Multiple Dog Attachment

For people with multiple dogs. It is leather with stainless steel swivel, fits both 2 and 3 inch belts, it can also fit a regular belt.

Only $25.00